What is the T-Box? 

The T-Box tea box is a special tea box that is created for storing and sorting tea bags. Its design is based on the letter 'T', which stands for 'tea', and gives your tea storage a dash of style and fun.

What are the T-Box's measurements?

The approximate dimensions of the T-Shaped Tea Box are 10,8 inches (27,4 cm) in height, 9,25 inches (23,5 cm) in width, and 3,15 inches (8 cm) in depth.

What is the T-Box made of?

The T-Shaped Tea Box is handcrafted from premium bamboo, which offers strength and a lovely appearance.

What is the capacity of the T-Box?

Depending on the size and shape of the tea bags, the T-Shaped Tea Box contains 5 boxes and can accommodate 60 to 80 tea bags.

Where can I purchase a T-Box? 

The T-Box is available on the official website www.the-t-box.com. We are working on getting the T-Box available on marketplaces like Bol.com, Amazon, Etsy and eBay. The T-Box cannot be found in retail. Be sure to check the product description and customer reviews to ensure you're purchasing the official T-Box.

Can I personalize the T-Box? 

Not at the moment. But that might be a possibility in the future.

Can the T-Box be used to store loose-leaf tea?

The T-Box is primarily designed for tea bags, but you can store loose-leaf tea in it if you use it in laying position only.

How do I clean and maintain the T-Box? 

To clean the T-Box, gently wipe the interior and exterior with a soft, damp cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners that could damage the material. Allow the box to dry completely before placing tea bags back inside.

How did the idea for the T-Box come about?

The concept for the T-Box was born out of humor. The creators realized that there was no existing tea box designed in the shape of a letter 'T,' which is a playful representation of the word 'tea.' They decided to turn this amusing observation into a reality by creating a unique and functional T-Shaped tea box that adds a touch of fun and elegance to tea storage.

Which tea brand tea bags will fit?

The T-Box is a universal tea box that can hold most tea brands tea bags.

Brands we know that 'll fit:
- Pickwick
- Yogi
- Lipton
- Pukka
- Zonnatura
- Huismerk Albert heijn
- G'woon
- Huismerk Plus
- Lord Nelson

Brands that do not fit:
- Clipper

These brands will fit but not perfectly
- Mr. Jones