• Love the humor

    The T-Box is beautifully finished and looks absolutely stunning when I place it upright. But it's fun everywhere when I have guests. Not everyone gets the joke right away :-)

  • Attractive design

    Attractive design, nice materials, clever teabag spaces

  • Beautiful tea box!

    Beautiful tea box! Not only practical, but it also looks very nice on my table. Truly a lovely decorative piece. It was delivered super fast.

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The first T-shaped
tea box

Surprise your guests with the T-shaped tea box! A Dutch Design eye-catcher made from sustainable bamboo.

For the love of design.
And of tea.

The T-Box is something you can show off with. The design hides the hinges. The luxurious, magnetic closure and tall case separators make sure the tea bags stay in place, whether the box is standing up or laying down. Dutch Design at its best. 

mboo IMG_8337_b6981da2-6cdb-45bc-8157-52dcae0a5ad3 - The T-Box tea box design bamboo
mboo the-t-box-tea-box-theedoos-bamboo-plant_541de5a6-3864-4af8-a2f5-fea4e593ec0a - The T-Box tea box design bamboo
mboo TheTBox2121square_2_kopieren - The T-Box tea box design bamboo
mboo the-t-box-tea-box-t-doos-theedoos-premium-storage-solution-bamboo-open-atmosphere_2 - The T-Box tea box design bamboo


Rest assured, no trees were harmed in the making of your T-Box. It is made out of bamboo, one of the fastest-growing raw materials in the world. Plus, each T-Box is shipped in its own box, protected by 100% recyclable plastic. 

mboo The-t-box-t-doos-durable-dutch-premium-storage-solution-design-sustainable-enviroment-bamboo-te-box - The T-Box tea box design bamboo